Main View

  • The main view is where you control your music with taps and swipes.
  • You can tap and swipe anywhere on the screen.
  • Tap Play supports landscape and portrait modes.


The gestures for each action can be customized, and the initial settings are as follows.

With one finger

  • Tap to play and pause.
  • Swipe left to rewind a small amount (10s).
  • Swipe right to fast forward a small amount (10s).
  • Swipe up to increase the volume.
  • Swipe down to decrease the volume.
  • Press and hold to lock and unlock the screen.

With two fingers

  • Swipe left to rewind a large amount (30s).
  • Swipe right to fast forward a large amount (30s).
  • Swipe up to go to the next track.
  • Swipe down to go to the previous track.
  • Tap once to cycle through playlist repeat, track repeat, and repeat off.

With three fingers

  • Tap once to enable shuffle, and again to cancel.

Playlist and settings

To bring up the playlist and settings press the bottom right button. The playlist allows you to choose the tracks that you want to play, and the settings allows you to configure how Tap Play works.

On screen controls

To bring up the on screen controls tap the bottom left button. They can be used to toggle playing, go to the next or previous tracks, and fast forward and rewind by pressing and holding. Tap the button again to hide the controls.


Tap Play works seamlessly with the iPod app, allowing you to control the music it is playing. You can also set up your own playlist.

  • Tap Add to add tracks.
  • Tap Clear to remove all tracks from the playlist.
  • Tap Edit to rearrange and remove individual tracks.
  • Tap Shuffle to begin playing the playlist shuffled.
  • Tap the desired track to play.
  • Tap the button in the top left to toggle between the standard view and the expanded view.
  • To return to the main view, tap the album cover of the current track in the top right.

When you close the app the playlist is saved along with the current track position, so you can start playing right where you left off.


In the settings menu you can customise how you want Tap Play respond to your gestures, and configure other settings.


  • Each action can have multiple gestures, and all the actions can be customized.
  • Tapping each action will bring up the list of available gestures.
  • Short skip Adjust the short skip time.
  • Long skip Adjust the long skip time.
  • Tapping the Reset to defaults button will change all the gestures for the actions back to the originals values as well as reset to skip times.


  • Disable auto-lock Turn on to keep the screen on.
  • Orientation lock Turn on to stop the main screen rotating.
  • Track numbers Display the track numbers in the playlist.
  • Night mode Dim the screen.
  • Add all audiobook tracks When enabled, the whole audiobook will be added to the playlist when only a single track is selected.
  • Sleep timer Turn the sleep timer on to stop playback after a specified time. The audio can also be made to fade out. The screen will turn off after the standard time out.


Can I change the audiobook playback speed?

Unfortunately not within the app. Apple currently do not allow app developers to change this setting. If it becomes available it will be added. However, if you switch to the iPod player you can set the speed there, and then switch back. The audio will keep playing at the speed you chose.

Can I fast forward or rewind by chapters in the audiobook, rather than whole tracks?

Unfortunately not within the app. Apple currently do not allow app developers to change this setting. If it becomes available it will be added. To skip chapters you need to switch to the iPod Player, skip, and then switch back.

I wish Tap Play had feature X.

Please use the contact form to send us  your feature idea and we’ll look at adding it to Tap Play in a future release.

How to send us feedback and get support

Please use the contact form to get in touch, and we will endeavour to answer it.