Tame and automate your Unity iOS builds

Do you need to:

  • add capabilities, such as Push Notifications, In App purchase, iCloud, Siri?
  • add custom entries to the Info.plist?
  • add and configure build settings?
  • add frameworks, libraries, Objective-C, C++, or Swift source files to your Xcode project?
  • add embedded frameworks?
  • manage signing?
  • add post build scripts to Xcode?
  • set custom compiler flags on source files?
  • have different build configurations for iPhone or iPad? Debug, Ad Hoc, and Release?
  • script dynamic changes?

Do you want to:

  • automate your iOS builds?
  • stop fearing doing fresh builds?
  • do all this with CI like Unity Cloud Build and Jenkins?
  • be able to use a native Unity Editor UI to do all of the above?

Then you need egoXproject


EgoXproject is an Editor plugin for Unity to allow iOS Xcode projects to be modified to meet your project’s requirements. All modifications are applied automatically when the project is built. It allows builds to:

  • Add and configure capabilities, such as iCloud, Push Notification, Maps, HealthKit
  • Add frameworks and libraries
  • Add additional files (e.g. bundles and source files) and folders of files
  • Add embedded frameworks
  • Add and modify build settings
  • Add and modify Info.plist entries
  • Add post build Xcode scripts

It supports multiple configurations, so you can have different configurations for different builds. Such as one for the iPhone and another for the iPad. Or different Debug, Ad Hoc, and Release configurations.

Multiple change files can be used in a single configuration. This allows code to be modularized, and plugins to have their own set of changes.

The code is written entirely in C#, and the Xcode project and Info.plist changes are set up using intuitive Unity Editor based UI.

Additionally, changes can set and applied using post process build scripts. This allows dynamic changes, and integration in to build pipelines.

Xcode project changes can be configured on OS X or Windows versions of Unity, but the actual Xcode build has to be done in OS X.

EgoXproject plays nicely with SCM systems. All configurations files are human readable PLists and no machine dependent information is required (all paths are relative to the project folder).

EgoXproject plays nicely with other Xcode modification systems. EgoXproject hooks into Unity’s build pipeline, and applies its changes during the build process. It only changes the values that it has been set up to change.

EgoXproject works with continuous integrations systems like Jenkins and Unity Cloud Build.



Great plugin, great support
First, want to say incredible support for this plugin from the developer. I emailed support and got incredibly fast responses. I’ve been looking for a good gui based xcode project editor to just simplify the process. You won’t have to change any settings in xcode manually again.
Unity Asset Store Review
Been wrestling with post build files
We started building with Unity Cloud and knew we’d need something totally self-building where we didn’t need to touch xcode. This saved a lot of time. Already got some great support too. Things like this make me think the asset store saves me a lot of money.
Unity Asset Store Review
Essential for complex projects
I have projects with multiple versions (the building is managed by another plugin) but here I can configure several settings of xcode modifications, and control them in the building pipeline. I don’t know I could have done without.
PS: i tried all other xcode manipulation plugs, but this is the more complete and support is great.
Unity Asset Store Review


  • EgoXproject works with Unity Free and Pro.
  • The Unity iOS plugin (free or Pro) is required to actually build an iOS Xcode project.
  • EgoXproject works with Unity 5.3.4 and above (yes that includes Unity 2017).


On the egoXproject support page you can find documentation and numerous examples.

If you have any issues using egoXproject, or find a feature that is missing, then please get in touch at support@egomotion.co.uk. Please include your Unity Asset Store invoice number.

Licensing and Direct Purchase

EgoXproject is available for purchase on the Unity Asset Store under Unity’s standard terms and conditions and EULA.

If you need to license egoXproject under different terms, purchase directly or require a service level agreement then please contact sales@egomotion.co.uk to discuss further.

Updates Mailing List

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