Control your music with your fingers


Tap Play has now been retired from the App Store

Tap Play is the perfect app to control your music, audiobooks and podcasts when you don’t want to be distracted by looking at the screen for buttons.

Instead of looking to see where a button is on the touch screen, use customisable, intuitive gestures to control playback.

  • Tap anywhere to play
  • Swipe left and right to skip forwards and back
  • Control many more actions with gestures
  • Choose your own gestures to control your music

Use it

  • In the gym
  • In the car (where safe and legal)
  • In bed (with the sleep timer)
  • In your pocket
  • While at your desk


  • Use gestures to control your music (taps and swipes)
  • Choose your own gestures for different actions
  • Assign multiple gestures to a single action
  • Customise the fast forward and rewind with a short skip time
  • Customise the fast forward and rewind with a long skip time
  • Create your own playlist from your iPod library
  • The playlist can be shown in a compact or expanded mode
  • Large text and artwork to clearly see what track is playing
  • Remembers the track position – ideal for audiobooks and podcasts
  • Audio will continue to play when Tap Play is put in the background
  • Switch seamlessly between the iPod player and Tap Play
  • Works with in-line headphone controls and docks
  • Night mode
  • Optional on screen controls
  • Use a gesture to lock the screen to temporarily stop gestures
  • Use in landscape or portrait mode
  • Use the sleep timer to stop playing after a desired amount of time

Control all these actions with simple customizable gestures

Action Default gesture
Play/pause Tap once with 1 finger
Next track Swipe up with 2 fingers
Previous Track Swipe down with 2 fingers
Short fast forward Swipe right with 1 finger
Long fast forward Swipe right with 2 fingers
Short rewind Swipe left with 1 finger
Long rewind Swipe left with 2 fingers
Lock/unlock screen Press and hold with 1 finger
Repeat Tap once with 2 fingers
Shuffle Tap once with 3 fingers
Increase volume Swipe up with 1 finger
Decrease volume Swipe down with 1 finger