EgoXproject 3.0 is now available. Get it on the Unity Asset Store

There are many new features:


You can now configure all of the iOS capabilities. Push Notifications, iCloud, Apple Pay, In App Purchases, Siri, Maps, NFC, and all the others are now configurable.

Embedded Frameworks

You can now add embedded frameworks. Add a custom framework as normal and then mark it as an embedded framework.


You can now set the project to sign automatically or not and set the Team ID.

Custom Frameworks and Libraries

These are now added and managed under the Files and Folders section. So adding a folder of additional items is more straightforward.

Build Settings

Many more build settings are now built in. They can also can be viewed with either a descriptive name or the symbol name, and searching will match to both.


You can now give your post build Xcode scripts names. It makes them feel more loved.