Welcome to Egomotion Limited, we are a UK based software development studio. We develop:

  • mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone
  • desktop apps for Mac, Windows, and Linux
  • Unity based apps and games
  • Unity plugins
  • Augmented Reality based apps and games

As well as producing our own software, we work with clients to bring their ideas to life on a wide range of platforms. We aim to provide high quality, exciting and unique apps for mobile and desktop platforms. You can find out more information about our consultancy work on our dedicated website, Robert Castle Consulting. If you would like us to bring your ideas to life then please get in touch.

Some of our clients


EgoXproject 50% off

EgoXproject is 50% off for the next week. Get your iOS projects tamed and automated.

egoXproject 2.1.0 released with Xcode 7 support

egoXproject 2.1.0 has been submitted to the Asset Store with support for Xcode 7. The new tbd files are now supported. You can upgrade and downgrade between tbds and dylibs if you need to switch [...]

egoXproject 2.0 Released

egoXproject 2.0 is now available on the Asset Store. New Features: Unified editor. Make all changes in a single window. Unified change files. Add Info.plist and Xcode project changes to a single change file. Expanded [...]

Tap Play is now free

From today, Tap Play is free. Enjoy. To find out more about Tap Play click here, or download it from the App Store.